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Center of Excellence

Make Your School / College A Center Of Excellence!

PreroGative is collaborating with local schools or colleges to create the Center for Excellence Program. As we know, with the changes in the Indian Education policy, it's mandatory for all the 6th onwards students to go through industrial training. So, seats are limited in the 3 Weeks, 6 Weeks, and 6 Months Industrial Training courses in industry and not all students can be accommodated and most of the students have to face problems to go far from their hometown and some of the students cannot afford. That’s why we thought of collaborating with schools and colleges to conduct similar training on the schools and colleges campus itself. This program accomplishes 3 goals. Firstly, if you are a student the outmoded syllabus does not limit you, you can learn and practice new technologies simultaneously. Secondly, students don’t have to move anywhere, they just have to join their campus on a regular basis and don’t need to pay extra charges for the accommodations. If the students will migrate to any other city for the training, they have to pay for accommodation and traveling along with the training fees but here they will pay only for training and get expertise under the industry persons. If you are a dean or principal you do not need to worry about the placement expectations of your students and teaching from an out-of-date syllabus. The Center of Excellence Program will take care of both points.

Benefits to Students

  • Access to Training on emerging technologies like PHP, Python, Data Science, R, Java, Web Development, and so on.
  • Training imparted by professionally certified, experienced tutors.
  • Intensive lab work- along with theory, you will have a lot of training hours on practical projects.
  • Work on real-time projects with help from experts.
  • Training on complete SDLC process.
  • Excellent students will get Guaranteed placements chances.
  • Email writing, Personal Development, and Weekend grooming classes will be provided free of cost.
  • Mock interviews with industry experts to improve communication and confidence.
  • More economical since you don’t need to leave campus for training elsewhere, you save on associated costs of accommodation, meals etc.
  • Globally valid certificates and recommendation letters.
  • Get a free subscription for the upcoming sessions or workshops.

Benefits to School or Colleges

  • Collaborating with us enhances your branding by association.
  • Having training in your campus allows the school or college to take credit for it.
  • Certified tutors and developers impart high-quality training.
  • Helps the organization stay ahead of its competition with a modernized way of instruction.
  • Deserving students get guaranteed placements.
  • Tie up with us enhances college placement record.
  • Provide free FDP’s Faculty Development Programs to the local faculty.
  • Students and Faculty welcome job-oriented training, raising satisfaction levels.

Organisation That Are Part Of Our Center Of Excellence Program

The success of your students and the reputation of your organization are important to you. However, it’s not always easy to introduce the latest technologies on-campus – budget crunch and finding the right teaching talent can pose serious challenges. Also, students are busy with their on-campus schedule, they need to learn new things without too many demands on their precious time.

How Does The Center Of Excellence Program Work?

That’s where the Center of Excellence Program comes in. This is learning at its best backed by professional know-how. What we do is actually organize classroom training for your students on campus. COE is a path-breaking venture introduced by PreroGative that benefits your organization and your students. We provide a lot of the topics taught by high-level competent professionals who are actually working in the industry. Your students don’t need to leave campus to learn the latest technologies from the finest minds in the business. It’s also cost-effective – you don’t need to hire more teaching staff to inflate your payroll – it doesn’t get any better than this!

Earn A Reputation For Being A Student-Sensitive, Progressive College By Joining The COE Program

  • We provide professional certifications on a variety of emerging technologies.
  • Our professional experts visit your campus to provide hands-on live training.
  • Students get an added bonus of Soft skills training and valuable help with placements.
  • We guarantee placements for deserving students.
  • Help with placements – students also get daily updates regarding jobs.
  • Training is cost-effective and saves on time since students don’t need to commute for training.
  • Top-quality learning is provided by working professionals.

Join Center of Excellence

If you are intrested for this programme, then you can contact us on +91 78885 30697 or you can come to our head office or you can drop a mail at

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