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Data Analytics Online Course Overview

Throughout this training certification, you will delve into a wide range of topics that form the backbone of data analytics. From foundational concepts such as data collection, cleaning, and manipulation to advanced techniques including statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and data visualization, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the entire data analytics lifecycle. By mastering these skills, you will be equipped to uncover meaningful patterns, make informed business decisions, and drive organizational growth through data-driven insights. This data analytics course online will empower learners with the practical knowledge and tools necessary to excel in the dynamic field of data analytics.

What are the topics covered in this best Data Analytics Course?

    1. SQL
    2. Python Programming
    3. Statistics for Data Science
    4. Machine Learning
    5. Microsoft Excel
    6. Tableau
    7. Visualization using Graphs
    8. Introsuction of Big Data
    9. Capstone Project

Why choose Prerogative’s Data Analytics Certification?

Our Data Analytics Course is a pivotal step in advancing your professional career. In today's data-driven world, the ability to extract actionable insights from vast amounts of information has become a prerogative for success across industries. This comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge required to navigate the complexities of data analysis, visualization, and interpretation. By enrolling in this training in data science, you will gain a competitive edge in the job market and empower yourself to make data-driven decisions that drive tangible results for your organization.

  • Industry-recognized Data Scientist Certificate
  • Pick project & Synopsis of your choice
  • Practice Test, Assignments & Quizzes
  • Online/Offline doubts & project support
  • 24*7 Access to Assistance - Active Support Team
  • Live-sessions while working with projects

Projects Included

  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Insurance Pricing Forecast
  • City Employee Salary Data Analysis
  • Topic Modelling using K-means clustering
  • Churn Prediction in Telecom
  • Identifying Product Bundles from Sales Data

Who should attend the Prerogative’s Data Analytics Certification?

Professionals in the field of data science
Professionals working with large datasets
Data analysts, economists, researchers

Curriculum Designed by Experts

SQL Basics
Advanced SQL
Deep Dive into User Defined Functions
SQL Optimization and Performance
Introduction to Python and IDEs
Python Basics
Object Oriented Programming
Hands-on Sessions and Assignments for Practice
Extract Transform Load
Data Handling with NumPy
Data Manipulation Using Pandas
Data Preprocessing
Data Visualization

Descriptive Statistics
inferential Statistics
Introduction to Machine Learning
Excel Fundamentals
Excel For Data Analytics
Data Visualization with Excel
Excel Power Tools
Classification Problems using Excel
Information Measure in Excel
Regression Problems using Excel
Tabelua Basics
Data Filtering using Tabelua
Data Visualization with Analytics
Python Library - Matplotlib
Create Your Plot using Matplotlib
Optimizating Adwords Data in Google Analytics
Data Visualization with Seaborn
Distribution, Catehorical, Matrix and Regression Plots
What is Big Data?
Introduction to Hadoop
Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
Spark Basics
Working with RDDs in Spark
Aggregating Data with Pair RDDs
Spark SQL and Data Frames
The Data Analytics Capstone project focuses on establishing a strong hold of analyzing a problem and coming up with solutions based on insights form data analysis perspective.
Extracting, loading and transforming data into usable format to gather insights.
Data Maniputaion and handling to pre-process the data
Feature Engineering and scaling the data for various problem statements.
Model Selection and model building on regression problems using supervised/unsupervised machine learning algorithms.
Assessment and monitoring of the model created using the machine learning models.

Languages and Tools covered

Key Takeaways

Real Time Project use cases

Real Time Project use cases

Hands-on experience and exposure to applications

24*7 Support

Digital Badges

You can earn worldwide recognized digital badges

1:1 Sessions with our Industry Experts

1:1 Sessions with Experts

You can request One-on-One Sessions with Industry Experts

Internship Oriented Practical Curriculum

Industry Oriented Curriculum

Exposure to Real-World Situations through Live-Projects

Adaptable Timetables

Adaptable Timetables

Flexibility and Convenience to Learners in class-timing

Highly educated mentors

Highly Educated Mentors

Qualified Mentors with Real Industry Experience

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Data Analytics Course FAQ's

Anyone who is currently enrolled in a relevant degree programme or a recent graduate who has completed or is pursuing a degree is eligible to enroll in our data analytics course online. Any working professional who wishes to move domains or just upskill can pursue this.

The future of data analytics is really promising. As more businesses recognise the importance of data-driven decision-making, the demand for skilled data analysts will increase. Post obtaining this data analytics certification from Prerogative, you can also get job assistance to kickstart your career in this industry.

Our Data Analytics Course provides you with both options for learning. You can choose between offline and online lessons based on your needs.

Yes, we do offer job help to our students. This data analytics course with placement is led by industry-experts having more than 10 years of experience. You will be able to crack major company interviews with the aid of the greatest study material and trainers from various reputable MNCs.

Yes, post completion of the training program, we deliver an industry recognized Data Analytics certificate that can be used to demonstrate your Data Analytics skills and knowledge.

The yearly compensation of a data analytics professional in India ranges from INR 4-5 lakhs for entry-level analysts to INR 20+ lakhs for senior-level analysts and data scientists.

A career in data analytics provides several employment prospects, including data analyst, business analyst, data scientist, data engineer, and data architect. Furthermore, data analytics specialists may work in a number of industries, including banking, healthcare, marketing, and e-commerce, among others, providing a varied range of job opportunities.

Yes, data analytics can be applied to non-technical fields. It can help in areas such as healthcare, marketing, finance, human resources, retail, and education by providing valuable insights, optimizing processes, and enabling data-driven decision-making.

Data analytics focuses on examining and interpreting data to uncover patterns, trends, and insights that can drive business decisions. It involves working with structured and sometimes semi-structured data.

On the other hand, data science is a broader field that encompasses data analytics but also includes more advanced techniques such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive modeling. Data scientists often work with unstructured and complex data to solve complex problems and develop innovative solutions.

Yes, programming knowledge is necessary for data analytics. Proficiency in programming languages like Python, R, or SQL is crucial for data extraction, data cleaning, data manipulation, and data analysis tasks. However, there is no such pre-requisite of having programming knowledge for enrolling in this data analytics online course, because this course will cover everything from scratch.