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Data Science Course Details - Overview

Our Data Science course is a must-take for anybody looking to leverage the power of data to make better decisions and achieve a competitive advantage. This thorough program, led by industry specialists, provides learners with critical skills in data manipulation, visualization, statistical analysis, machine learning, and predictive modeling. With the help of this online data science course, you will get a solid foundation in data science and put yourself at the forefront of this constantly growing subject by combining theoretical principles with hands-on activities.

What are the topics covered in this best Data Science Course?

    1. Fundamentals of Data and Data Science
    2. Introduction to Python
    3. Python Numpy
    4. Data Plotting and Matplotlib
    5. Installation of Python
    6. Data Structures
    7. Nested Loops
    8. Basics of Functions
    9. Introduction to OOPs
    10. Use cases of Data Science
    11. Introduction to Machine Learning
    12. Deploy a Project

Why choose Prerogative’s Data Science Certification?

Our Data Science Course is designed to provide you with the information and skills you'll need to excel in the fast-paced world of data analysis and interpretation. This course is intended for both beginners and professionals looking to improve their abilities. This Data Science with Python course provides you with the tools and information you need to harness the power of data and make data-driven choices. You will get a thorough grasp of data science approaches as well as competency in the industry's latest tools and technologies through a blend of academic principles and hands-on practical assignments. Join us now to discover the power of data science in changing the future.

  • Industry-recognized Data Scientist Certificate
  • Pick project & Synopsis of your choice
  • Practice Test, Assignments & Quizzes
  • Online/Offline doubts & project support
  • 24*7 Access to Assistance - Active Support Team
  • Live-sessions while working with projects

Projects Included

  • Scrape live yahoo stock prices
  • Perform data analysis on Instagram post reach
  • Develop a web app for predicting flight prices
  • Perform time series analysis and forecasting
  • Build deep learning ASR model for low-resource language

Who should attend the Prerogative’s Data Science Certification?

Professionals in the field of Data Science
Professionals working with large datasets
Data analysts, economists, researchers

Curriculum Designed by Experts

What is Data Science?
What does Data Science involve?
Era of Data Science
Life cycle of Data Science
Install Python IDE | IDE
Python Download and Installation on Windows, Linux and Mac
Execute the Script
Interactive and Script Mode
Python File Extensions
Python Comments

What is Python?
Why Python?
How Python is used for Data Science?
Advantages or Disadvantages of Python
Run the Basic Program of Python
How to take an input from user?
Data Types: String, Numbers, Tuples, Lists, Dictionaires
Conditional Statements
Control Flow Statements
Syntax of function definition
Modules: What is a module?
Interpreted languages
Introduction to Numpy
Numpy Arrays
Quick Note on Array Indexing
Numpy Array Indexing and Operations
Introduction to Pandas
Introduction of “ Data Frames ”
Organizing “ Data Frames ”
Set up “ Data Frames ”
Missing Data
Group by
Merging Joining and Concatenating
Data Input and Output
Introduction to Matplotlib
Matplotlib vs pyplot vs and pylab
Data For Matplotlib Plots
Create Your Plot
Play with Subplot
add_axes() and add_subplot()
Work with Size of Figures
Plotting Routines
Customizing PyPlot
Showing, Saving And Closing Your Plot
Introduction to Seaborn
Distribution Plots
Categorical Plots
Matrix Plots
Regression Plots
Grids: Style and Color
Introduction to Machine Learning
Machine Learning with Python
Supervised and UnSupervised Machine Learning
Linear Regression Theory
Model selection Updates for SciKit Learn
Linear Regression with Python – Part 1 Introduction
Linear Regression with Python – Part 2 Introduction
Linear Regression Project Overview and Project Solution
Logistic Regression Theory
Logistic Regression with Python – Part 1 Logistics
Linear Regression with Python – Part 2 Regression
Linear Regression with Python – Part 3 Conclusion
Logistic Regression Project Overview and Project Solution
K Nearest Neighbours Theory
K Nearest Neighbours with Python
K Nearest Neighbours Project Overview and Project Solution
Introduction to Tree Methods
Decision Trees and Random Forest with Python
Decision Trees and Random Forest Project Overview
Decision Trees and Random Forest Solutions Part 1
Decision Trees and Random Forest Solutions Part 2
SVM Theory
Support Vector Machines with Python
Support Vector Machines Project Overview
K Means Clustering Theory
K Means with Python
K Means Project Overview

Languages and Tools covered

Key Takeaways

Real Time Project use cases

Real Time Project use cases

Hands-on experience and exposure to applications

24*7 Support

Digital Badges

You can earn worldwide recognized digital badges

1:1 Sessions with our Industry Experts

1:1 Sessions with Experts

You can request One-on-One Sessions with Industry Experts

Internship Oriented Practical Curriculum

Industry Oriented Curriculum

Exposure to Real-World Situations through Live-Projects

Adaptable Timetables

Adaptable Timetables

Flexibility and Convenience to Learners in class-timing

Highly educated mentors

Highly Educated Mentors

Qualified Mentors with Real Industry Experience

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Data Science Training FAQ's

This program has no specific requirements. You should be a graduate student or a student pursuing graduation. This data science training course will start from the ground up and cover all of the higher level subjects.

This Data Science Course syllabus can help you learn a range of skills, including:

  • Data analysis
  • Programming
  • Data visualization
  • Data Structures

This Data Science Certification for freshers training program uses a variety of tools and technologies. Some of the most commonly utilized tools and technologies in this training are:

  • Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Manipulation Libraries
  • Big Data

Our Data science with Python Certification will help you get professional options in a variety of sectors, including:

  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Consultant

There are several Projects covered under our program. Following are the projects:

  • Scrape live yahoo stock prices
  • Perform data analysis on Instagram post reach
  • Develop a web app for predicting flight prices
  • Perform time series analysis and forecasting
  • Build deep learning ASR model for low-resource language

With increased demand in fields such as AI/ML, IoT, and big data analytics, the future scope of a Data Scientist is bright. Data Scientists will be critical in building sophisticated models, evaluating massive datasets, and using data-driven decision-making to address difficult challenges and promote innovation across industries.

Yes, we surely provide our learners with job assistance who have been enrolled with this Data Science Training Program. With the help of best study material and trainers from various reputed MNCs you will be able to crack interviews of big companies.

No, Our data science course online is for everyone who aims to make a career in Data Science. It is not mandatory for a learner to be a B.Tech graduate.

No, It is not important to be a mathematics expert for pursuing this course. Everything will be covered from absolute scratch in this data science best course.

Our Data Science Course offers you both ways to learn. You can opt for either offline or online as per your requirements.

After the completion of course you will be offered a fair amount of pay. You can expect an average base salary of 3-4 LPA as a fresher. This data science training certification is well-recognized by industry recruiters. Still, the salary package will always depend upon your skills, abilities and how you present them.

To enroll in the course, simply visit our website, navigate to the course page, and follow the registration instructions provided.